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Windows Applications

Microsoft Visual Studio 6

Applications based upon MSVS-6 using MFC.

Simple Dialog Application
Display 16 channels of data values with mean and std. dev. for each of 4 units using tabbed control to select unit. Data is collected from a remote hardware controller using serial communications. Multi-threaded program allows uninterrupted data integrity.

Animal Activity Monitor
Setup & capture continuous serial data stream from embedded data collector. Includes drag & drop enclosure configuration, Session Definition forms based upon Session Definition templates, real-time display of animal position while storing data for later analysis. Diagnostic view with overview of 32 enclosures or drill down to detail view of each enclosure. Uses document/view architecture. Install Shield script for installation.

Console Applications

MPEG Stream Analyzer
Middleware program interfacing 2 other programs using CORBA. Multi-threaded for asynchronous communications. Received data packets with MPEG stream errors from 3 DSP's using dual ported memory. Filtered and organized error information and sent to 2 other programs using CORBA. One program logged the information using SQL. The other sent condensed information to networked host computers.

Labview for Windows

Video Uplink System
User interface controlled satellite uplink system for video / audio MPEG streams. Graphically displayed boards in system & allowed hyperlink type access to individual board setup parameters. Allowed overall setup of Virterbi rate, stream PIDs, some PSI tables, overall bit rate & each stream bit rate.

Label Glue Stress Test
User input parameters into form & was prompted to setup each sample of the test. Hardware was controlled to measure movement under stress. Graph was displayed while running. Statistics were summarized & reported.