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Permanent positions held before consulting

  • Project Manager 9yrs
    Hardware designer of large data acquisition and control systems. These used minicomputers to collect analog data. Computers included PDP-8, CCC116, IBM1800. Designed a product line of computer controlled test equipment for IC manufacturers. This included analog front end design as well as the interface to Nova1000 computers. Patent granted on high speed nanoamp measurement technique.
  • Operations VP / Co-Owner 2yrs
    Company produced measurement and control systems for industrial applications. Job included purchasing, manufacturing, hardware and software design. Main product had a microwave sensor to measure product moisture content. A/D measurements were read by an 8080 uP program. This ran a self designed embedded Basic interpreter. The Basic programs typically included linearizing as well as PID control.
  • Program Manager 2yrs
    Computer development project for minicomputer company. Coordinated the design activities of the hardware development of a multi engine computer for up to 256 users. I reported to corporate and interfaced the design group (both hardware and software), marketing, service and manufacturing.
  • Manager Software Engineering 5yrs
    Managed 8 programmer dept. that developed and maintained real-time software for datalogger instrumentation products. Setup release system and source code control systems. Directed product design verification procedures and department.
  • Product Marketing Manager 2yrs
    Data Acquisition product marketing. Supported sales. Did marketing projections & surveys, product specifications, competitive analysis, corporate presentations, projected build forecast, profit analysis. Visited Reps and Distributors setup & worked shows.
  • Consulting Since 1985