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  • During my employment history, I developed the skills for all aspects of project development. I began my career designing the hardware for computer systems. These systems all required taking data from a process and reducing the data to information in what is referred to as Real-time. While working as a hardware systems designer, I was granted a patent (4023097) for a low level high speed analog measurement technique. Being familiar with the hardware design and the nuances of integrated circuits has allowed me to do well with real time programs involving fast interrupts, DMA and FIFO data. I have owned a company and understand the financial impact of project management and product manufacturing. I began to program computers and took a position as manager of the programming department for a process control company. This position developed into a product marketing position involving forecasting, product specification and sales involvement.
  • Since becoming a consultant, many of my projects have revolved around development of data acquisition and control systems involving real-time programming. Many of these have been for specific scientific applications. My BS degree in Applied Physics gives me an understanding of the real world interface and the ability to anticipate the desired product. Most of my career has been related to capturing information and formatting the results for presentation.
  • I have also created many database applications. For manufacturing, I have developed programs for man-hour loading, production tracking, machine parts inventory, etc. For the insurance industry, I have developed complete, fully networked, multi-user programs. All of these include many data entry forms and multiple reports.
  • Microprocessor / Computer Platforms
    • Full computers such as:
      • PC's, PC104 Computer boards, Alan Bradley PLC, Nova1200, CDC115, PDP10, PDP8
    • Many embedded applications use proprietary boards with a specific microprocessor, such as:
      • 8080, 6800, 80188, 8051, AVR, Z80, 6801, Z8, 6502, 6809
      • 80386, 80386EX
      • 320C40, i860, M-CORE
  • I have programmed in many computer languages including assembly for many microprocessors, C, C++, Relay Ladder, Labview, MFC, xBase, Paradox, Visual FoxPro, Basic.
  • Types of Programs range from small to large. Such as:
    • Windows™ Applications many with multifaceted user interfaces. Some of these use forms to input to database engines and create transactions and reports. Most of these are used to gather, display and save data for post processing and then do the post processing of data by displaying and printing graphs and reports.
    • Specialty boxes that communicate with end users by small displays and front panel buttons.
    • Highly Embedded boards that only talk to a host computer using a communications standard (RS232, USB etc.).
    • Host Data Collector Systems where I have done the programming both for the embedded data collector board and the host system that receives the data and processes it.
  • When confronted with a new microprocessor or language, I can easily become fluent and readily begin programming your project.
  • Through my network of associates and contacts in the computer industry, I can quickly find information and assistance during your project development.