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Embedded Systems

Contraband Detector

Programmed in assembly for a controller using an 8051. The processor read scintillation counts from a gamma ray source. The counts / time were linearized and displayed on an LCD. Various button options allowed self calibration, range changes, annunciation, etc.

Phone Billing Printer

Wrote multi (3) task system for a 6502 uP in assembly code. System monitored the number dialed from up to 3 cordless phones. Accumulated billing based upon area code and time off hook. Printed bill when user hung up. Task switched every 1ms using multitasker I designed.

Plutonium Detector

Z80 uP took particle energy measurements from a sensor by reading an A/D. Readings were stored in a histogram array. By solving several linear equations, subtracting out a background reading & adjusting for the sensors profile, the signature of plutonium was displayed. Included alarms, calibration and self tests.

Protocol Converter / Bridge

Z8 program to convert intermittent serial data from a home security system into a stored database of status information. This was sent to an annunciator system (unsolicited or on demand) over another serial link. Key strokes from the annunciator were sent in the other direction.

Reverse Vending Machine

80186 controlling the receipt of cans and the vending of money. Done in assy language using macros I designed to function as a rule based state machine. Rules were tailored to allow multiple cans to flow through the system at the same time. Included LED sensors, motor controllers, barcode reader and switch inputs. The uP interfaced a host PC over a serial link.

Downed Pilot Beacon

8051 assembly language program queried GPS module & sent position & unit ID as well as morse code ID to RF modulator in COSPAS/SARSAT format. Included audio phrase enunciation of position.

LVDT Monitor

80552 took A/D samples @ 1KHz & scaled based upon 1 of 3 modes in MM, Mil or Deg. Allowed calibration. Complete menuing on small LCD display. Included EEPROM parameter storage.

Video Compression Controllers

Programmed multiple compression boards that talked to each other and to a master board that was linked to a Unix GUI. Each board was dedicated to a different type of Video or Audio stream. Helped specify FPGA interface. Data was packetized and interlaced for single stream satellite uplink. Also programmed controller for downlink decompression interfacing proprietary ASIC.